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Window Cleaning

At UP Cleaning we use a purified water fed window cleaning system. This system is a safer, more efficient way of cleaning windows and results in windows that stay cleaner for longer than traditional methods.

Water is filtered through our state of the art system using a specialised resin which removes all impurities from the water. This results in streak free and crystal clear windows. Our system is a wet system which means the windows will be left to dry naturally and ensures best results with no possibility of smearing or marking like there is when dried the traditional way. All of our work is fully guaranteed.

We do not use ladders to clean windows as our telescopic poles can reach up to 5 storeys from ground level. This means there is no risk of falling from ladders for our team, there is no risk of damage to your property and window sills from heavy ladders and you also don’t need to worry about privacy in your home as we carry out all work from ground level.

Our window cleaning system is also a more eco-friendly way of cleaning windows as it is entirely soap free. No harmful detergents are being washed into the environment and water wastage is very low.

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